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Top 20 React Progress Bars

Collection of hand-picked free React progress bar code examples.


Author: react-component

Links: github page

React progress bar.


Author: Kimmo Brunfeldt

Links: github page, home page

Responsive and slick progress bars for React. Line, circle and semicircle shaped progress bars are provided and their animations are highly customizable.

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React Progress Bar

Author: Katsiaryna Lupachova

Links: github page

Simple React progress bar component.

React Progress Bar Plus

Author: Minh Tran

Links: github page

Progress bar component for ReactJS.

Year Progress

Author: Juani Gallo

Links: demo and code

Made with: HTML / CSS (SCSS) / JS (Babel)

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Responsive: yes

Dependencies: react.js, react-dom.js

React Redux Loading Bar

Author: Anton Mironov

Links: github page

A React component that provides Loading Bar (aka Progress Bar) for long running tasks.

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A Custom React Image Upload Widget with Progress Bar

Author: Emmax

Links: demo and code, tutorial

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React Gradient Progress

Author: Prasanna Mestha

Links: github page, medium article

Simple and light circular progressbar with gradient

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Author: Tane Morgan

Links: github page

A React primitive for building slim progress bars.

React Native Semi Circle Progress

Author: Filip Pajic

Links: github page

Lightweight, animated and easy to use semi circle progress bar for React Native.

React Step Progress Bar

Author: Pierre-Eric Garcia

Links: github page, home page

A library to create stunning progress bars and steps in React.

React Native Progress Bar Classic

Author: Kota Fullsour

Links: github page

Simple animated progress bar for React Native.

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React Native Progress Bar

Author: Loch Wansbrough

Links: github page

An animated progress bar for React Native.

React Reading Rrogress

Author: Makoto Tateno

Links: github page

Reading progress bar component.


Author: abdennour

Links: github page

Basic progress bar in React.js.


Author: Nick Stanish

Links: github page

Reprogressbars is a progress bar library built on React.

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React Vertical Timeline

Author: Jesús F. Trujillo

Links: github page, home page

Vertical progress bar with bookmarks support.

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React Progress

Author: cezary

Links: github page

Youtube style progress bar for React.

React Sweet Progress

Author: Nikita Abraztsov

Links: github page

A way to quickly add a react progress bar to your app.

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React Native Animated Progress

Author: Kaian Cotias

Links: demo and code

A easy-to-use and customizable animated progress bar.

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