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How to use heading tags and headings correctly

The tag in the title is needed in order to tell the browser how to display the text on the page of the site. The heading not only designates a section in the text canvas, but also announces what will be discussed. Headings are listed from H1 (largest) to H6 (smallest). For sections, the most commonly used tags are H2 and H3. They improve the readability and perception of the text for users, and help search robots understand what the text is about, what its structure is.

What do you need to know about headers?

To get the most out of headlines, you need to use them correctly. There are no strict requirements, but some rules are still worth following.

1. The H1 heading is used once.

H1 is the largest headline. It is customary to use it once, as the main heading of an article. There will be nothing wrong if you do this several times in the body of the article, but such text will look illogical, worse perceived visually.

2. Don't use too long titles.

The maximum length recommended by various experts is up to 70 characters. This length is more than enough to tell the reader what will be discussed next. Too long subheadings are perceived as text and rarely anyone reads them completely, scanning the article with their eyes.

3. Headlines should be interesting.

Before reading the text, the visitor of the site runs his eyes over it to understand whether it is worth spending his time reading. If the subheadings are boring, then most likely he will leave the site. Why waste time reading an incomprehensible text if everything is clear, understandable and, most importantly, interesting on another resource?

4. It is worth adding keywords to subheadings.

The presence of keywords in the subheadings H1, H2, H3 allows search robots to understand how the article matches the user's request. If it matches, then the search robot will show it to the visitor who entered the query into the search bar.

Knowing these simple rules, you can significantly improve the quality of articles on the site, and this will be appreciated not only by people, but also by search engines. But it depends on them whether the article appears on the first page of the issue.

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